Scientists Trying to go to The Parallel Place 🙂

Scientists at the CERN Centre in Geneva, Switzerland, plan to use the Hadron Collider to attempt to contact parallel universes this week. See link below for the details of this real world attempt to travel through 'the portal'.
If you don't want to wait to see the results of their experiment, you can, of course, read a copy of Habitan to travel through the portal to The Parallel Place yourself! 🙂
In any case, I thought some of you might enjoy …

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Thank You OLA delegates!

Had a fabulous time meeting new (and some past!) readers of Habitan, Book 1, at the OLA Super Conference. Thank you to all of the librarians who stopped by the Habitan booth to chat and ask questions. I really enjoyed meeting everyone and the various discussions. A special thank you to those of you who had left with a copy of Habitan Book 1 on Thursday, and then took the time to come back to the Expo on Friday to tell me how much you were alrea…

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Teen Book Bloggers- Habitan reviews & Author interviews

Check out teen book blogger Samantha's review of Habitan Book 1, and her cool blog, which has lots of other great book reviews (links below).


If you are a teen or pre-teen book blogger, and enjoy fantasy, please get in touch so I can send a copy of Habitan, Book 1, as I'd love to hear from you!




Samantha's & my Interview Link:


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The Habitan Story Tunnel is on the Road again

At the end of January, we are taking the Habitan Story Tunnel back to the Metro Toronto Convention Centre for the Ontario Library Association's Annual SuperConference, Jan 28-31, 2015.  If you missed our Story Tunnel at last month's Toronto International Book Fair, you can check out pictures and videos on our page  http://habitanbooks.c…

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Habitan Book 2: Parallel Futures - Here's a little clue...

Fate works in mysterious ways.  Working on Book 2, and had an inspiration for a great sub-plot twist...

One of the new youth characters (sorry guys, on Oskana's side of things), happens to be named after one of my original "Youth Book Club Reviewer" members; having a character named after one of the participating club members was a prize that we awarded last summer.  Without giving too much away, it turns out when I researched the meaning of…

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Habitan Availability: We're fully live!

As of yesterday Habitan, Book 1: The Parallel Place is now available at Chapters & Kobo (our last venue to appear). We were already at Barnes & Noble, Nook, Amazon, SmashWords, Apple iBooks etc, but now the hardcover, ebook and paperback are readily available at all outlets. Yeah!…

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