Hi there!


I have always treasured the ‘world imagined’, and like so many people, loved a great story.


From a young age, I enjoyed not just reading great books, but also writing my own material. I was a child with a strong belief in standing up for what you believed in, and I took great offense to bullies. I valued listening and paying attention to what other people can teach us, and enjoyed sitting and listening to adults tell their stories at family gatherings.






After my second decade as a Speech-Language Pathologist and therapist, I made the decision to found a home health care company, a place where great people could bring their skills and hopefully feel appreciated and motivated to be the very best they could be. I personally ran this company, called Exceptionalities, for seven years, and in doing this I learned even more about what people seem to hold most dear. I found that health care was more than just giving someone a prescribed treatment…. Everyone wants to be listened to and to be respected, to be treated as more than just a number; to be heard. Once more, connections to my passion were evident all around me: time and time again, what these clients wanted most was to tell you their stories.


Throughout this period, I would always return to my first love, writing. I continued to make up stories, even incorporating story telling into my company’s meetings. I was also blessed with two wonderful, exceptional children who allowed me the pleasure of making up bedtime stories for them for years, night after night. They helped me keep my greatest pleasure alive, even while I was working long hours as a health care professional, mentor & CEO. I would make up these stories ‘on the spot’, based on characters my children wanted in the tale, and managed to entertain them and still incorporate some teaching and values into these bedtime tales along the way.





As I grew older, I sought out anything that allowed me to further express creativity and my passion for people caring for one another: babysitting, lifeguarding, volunteer work…. I went on to complete an Honors degree in Child Psychology, followed by a Masters in Speech-Language Pathology. My first career as a Speech Pathologist allowed me to work with children of all ages for over 20 years. I loved my job, which was helping people communicate better and feel more confident about themselves. I learned a lot from the children and youth that I worked with, and really appreciated the enthusiasm and perspective they brought to everything we did together. They all shared a common love of creativity, and a desire to be truly listened to and understood. Even more heartwarming to me, they all shared the love of a great story; a gift that unfortunately we as adults sometimes seem to lose along the way due to our busy lives.






Can you guess what happened next? One day, my daughter, Melissa, asked me to imagine for them a ‘longer’ story; a novel in which they could be the inspiration for key characters. Habitan was born.


I began writing the story and reading the chapters to the children as I went along. Soon after that, I decided to sell my health care business. This allowed me to focus my time and efforts on my favorite passion, story-telling. Now that Book 1 of Habitan is finished, my hope is that the magical land of Habitan will provide an escape that will enthrall and consume readers and surprise them until the very end, as it did for my children. Perhaps it will even provoke the readers’ own imaginations, their own creativity.


Habitan will be a full multi-book adventure series, and I promise continued plot twists, surprises and new mysteries along the way, so fans of the story can check this website for updates on the release date for the next book in the series!





Like so many Canadians, I have a multi-cultural background. Mine includes not only Canadian settlers of various European descent, but also one-quarter Cree Indian/Inuit mix from my maternal grandmother. My grandmother’s spirit and grace were inspirational to the creation of Habitan, and this formed the decision to use Cree as the basis for the magical language of Habitan’s people. The scenery behind the story is drawn from the naturally varied and beautiful landscape that we all share across Canada, and all animals described in the book are native to Canada as well.

Which brings us to today. Thank you, dear reader, for allowing me to share the magic of story telling with you. I hope you enjoy escaping from the real world for a little while and traveling off to Habitan. I promise you a story that spans the lifetime of my characters, a Fantasy Series that will hopefully consume and entertain you. Please contact me with your questions and opinions; I’d love to hear from you!


Thank you for your faith in the world of my imagination. I remain gratefully yours,