Thank You OLA delegates!

Had a fabulous time meeting new (and some past!) readers of Habitan, Book 1, at the OLA Super Conference. Thank you to all of the librarians who stopped by the Habitan booth to chat and ask questions. I really enjoyed meeting everyone and the various discussions. A special thank you to those of you who had left with a copy of Habitan Book 1 on Thursday, and then took the time to come back to the Expo on Friday to tell me how much you were already enjoying the book. I really appreciate all the enthusiastic support and feedback, and I’m thrilled you love the story!

If sharing the book with your public library, or passing it on to teachers to read in classrooms, don’t forget to check out our ‘chapter questions’ resource, available on our Media page for download. Please feel free to email me at with suggestions for improvements or additions to this draft book discussion document; I really appreciate your opinions and expertise!

Based on all your positive reactions, we’re planning to submit Habitan to the Forest of Reading for consideration (as so many of you suggested), so stay tuned for the results of that process this fall. Please keep your fingers crossed for Habitan!